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Elspeth Ingram

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Elspeth Ingram

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher and one day that dream came true.  I was an elementary and middle school teacher in Washington State.  I loved writing stories for my students and incorporating those in my lessons.

Years later, I moved to Shanghai China with my husband, three children and two rescue cats.  Included with the loads of packed luggage was a plastic case that contained fifteen unfinished stories. "Lizzi's Horrendous Hairball" is the first published story from that old case.

I used to think that "Lizzi" was my first published story, but recently my brother showed me that I was wrong. He emailed me copies of a book I had written for him in 1976, while he was living away from home.  The title was, "Tales for a Tuppence," and it included six stories. It was typed on my large red typewriter, fully illustrated and bound with stapled colored paper.  

It was  so much fun to read that story and I hope that, if you like writing stories, you will also keep them for others to enjoy -- over and over again.

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