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Softcover - Lizzy's Horrendous Hairball

Softcover - Lizzy's Horrendous Hairball


A teeny-tiny tangle grows on Lizzi’s head. She tries to comb it out but it does not budge. Lizzi chooses to ignore the tangle and it grows larger and larger each day. The tangle makes Lizzi famous. It’s fun! It’s fabulous! It brings fame and fortune – but soon it becomes frustrating. Lizzi want’s it gone, unfortunately, now it is horrendously huge and ridding herself of it takes creativity, determination and grit.


Lizzi is certain that readers will agree with her –it is wisest to face problems when they are small because problems tend to grow larger if they are ignored.


    This book was inspired from my daughter who has long, red hair with the tendency to tangle.  I hope that you love to read this to your children and they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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